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Green TeamPurpose

The Northern Lights College Green Team has been formed to act as Climate Action leaders within communities served by the College by increasing awareness, working towards reducing the carbon footprint and maximizing the College's contribution to a sustainable future. As part of its work, the Green Team develops recommendations for the President and Administration Committee to help reduce the College's carbon footprint. As well, the Green Team works to help the staff at each campus realize that each College location has unique ways it which it can contribute to the overall goal.

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Members of the Green Team include interested NLC staff and students. Membership includes, but is not limited to:

  • Regional Facilities Manager
  • Regional Facilities Secretary
  • A representative from each campus location
  • Students
  • Any other interested parties


Members of the Green Team include interested NLC staff and students. Membership includes, but is not limited to:

  • To heighten staff and student’s awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling;
  • To bring all recommendations forward to the Administration Committee through the Committee Chair;
  • To recommend a sustainability/carbon reduction policy to the President/Administration Committee;
  • To develop and refine methods of carbon reduction and recycling practices for all Northern Light College;
  • To receive and provide feedback regarding individual campus suggestions of reducing the NLC carbon footprint;
  • To stay current on energy-saving strategies and opportunities and share information with NLC staff and students;
  • To search and recommend “green” training opportunities to the NLC staff and students.

For more information, to submit a suggestion, or to join the Green Team, click here.

The Green Team Logo:

NLC Visual Arts student Lynda Roscoe was the winner of the NLC Green Team Logo Contest and a grand prize of $500. Ellen Corea of the Dawson Creek Art Gallery and former NLC Visual Arts instructor Laine Dahlen volunteered to judge the dozens of entries received.

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