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Health & Safety Policy and Statement

Health and Safety Policy and Statement

Northern Lights College is committed to ensuring there is a healthy, safe, working and learning environment at the College’s worksites.  Therefore the College will:

  • Remain steadfast in the belief that nothing will impede the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for all the employees and general public, by meeting or exceeding any current health and safety regulations or legislation.
  • Be committed to implementing up-to-date health and safety practices and vigilant in researching new health and safety practices, and to maintain a leadership role within our community.

Management Statement

The management of Northern Lights College is committed to ensure that every worker at Northern Lights College is aware of their rights regarding health and safety and that these rights integral of the task of conducting business at the College.

All employees of Northern Lights College

…are entitled to a safe worksite and harm-free work environment

…have the responsibility to take reasonable care in the performance of their job to protect themselves, their coworkers and the general public from illness or harm

…have the right to be trained for the job they are expected to do, so they do not pose a threat to themselves or others

…have the right to the proper materials, tools and equipment to complete their tasks correctly and safely as well as access to all information regarding possible hazards and all safe working procedures and process

…have the right and the responsibility to refuse unsafe work, if a worker suspects a (reasonable) hazard exists, to immediately report hazards and unsafe conditions or behaviour on the worksite 

...have the right to participate in the decision making process regarding safety input and initiatives at Northern Lights College

Commitment to Safety

The President and Administrators of Northern Lights College are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, students and clients. 
To this end, Northern Lights College has developed a health and safety policy and derived from this policy are , standards, rules and procedures to guide the activities and behaviour of employees and associates who are conducting business for, or with, the College. No unsafe act will be encouraged or accepted by Northern Lights College, whose commitment to excellence is reflected in its quality people and service.

The electronic Employee OH&S Program manual will be accessible via computer on every campus and all employees must familiarize themselves with its content.. The information found in the health and Safety Program will be current and appropriate to the College’s operations. While management is committed to providing a safe work environment, each employee and contractor, is expected to assume responsibility for his or her actions while representing Northern Lights College, and to be informed of the safety expectations in the workplace.

The College is committed to operating practices that protect the wellbeing of personnel, equipment, facilities, property and the general public, and which comply with the general and environmental legislation by which the institution is bound.

The impact of business activity on the environment will be assessed and avoided - or minimized - wherever possible. Employees and associates are encouraged to proactively seek ways to improve business practices and operating procedures, and to further minimize the risk of loss.

A safety program is good business practice. Accidents are wasted financial and human resources. Recognizing the need for efficient and productive business operations, the College will communicate and enforce the policies it has adopted. The avoidance of loss, damage, illness and injury improves employee morale and client confidence.

The College’s Health and Safety Committees will assume stewardship of the manual, make recommendations regarding policy change, and conduct an annual review of the program.

Laurie Rancourt, President Northern Lights College February 21, 2011

If you would like a PDF copy of this policy please click here. A new window will open and you can print or save a copy to your local hard drive.

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