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Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT)


Northern Lights College utilizes the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) to assess whether an applicant meets the Admission Prerequisites for a program.

What is the CAAT?

The CAAT is a unique measure of an adults current functional level in mathematics, reading and language. This type of achievement test has been designed specifically for the Canadian Adult, regardless of their previous school experience. The CAAT helps determine an individual’s present educational level and readiness for literacy instruction, general academic upgrading, core skills development and vocational selection. Where possible, students needing upgrading will be referred to the appropriate program.

How Do I Write The CAAT?

Any applicant wanting to write the CAAT needs to register with Student Services at any NLC Campus.

See below for scheduled dates:
Dawson Creek CAAT Schedule | Fort St. John CAAT Schedule

There is a cost to write the CAAT, which can be paid at Student Services at the time of scheduling. In the event a student needs to re-write the CAAT, normally a three-month interval is required.

Please note: Basic (Non-Scientific) calculators will be permitted for the CAAT.

Off-Campus CAAT?

(For applicants who can not write at an NLC Campus)

Applicants wanting to write the CAAT off-campus (reserved only for students who do not live near an NLC Campus), must complete this form and submit it along with payment to Student Services. Once the form and payments are received, you will be registered for an off-campus CAAT and it will be forwarded to Invigilation for mail-out preparation.

Off-Campus Only: Application to write Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT)

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