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Writing Assessment

The Writing Assessment is an instrument used to evaluate student readiness for post-secondary introductory English courses, Introductory Creative Writing, and Management 100 (MGMT100). Except in the cases noted below, all students who wish to register in these courses must complete the Writing Assessment and discuss their assessment with a Student Recruiter and Program Chairs. Based on the Writing Assessment results, recommendations on course selection will be provided to the applicant.

Exemption from the Writing Assessment is granted in the following circumstances:

  • Students who have attained an ‘B’ in English 12 may enrol in introductory English courses (100 level), MGMT100, or Introductory Creative Writing without completing the Writing Assessment.
  • Students who have attained a ‘C’ or better in a university articulated post-secondary English course may enrol in any NLC introductory English course, MGMT100 or Introductory Creative Writing without completing the Writing Assessment.

Note: Completing the Writing Assessment is also recommended for students who wish to enrol in English 099. Students are encouraged to complete the Writing Assessment well in advance of the semester in which they intend to take any of the courses mentioned above. Further information about the Assessment may be obtained at Student Services.

Application to Writing Assessment

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