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ANTH 102 - Cultural and Social Anthropology II
ANTH 102

The theme of this course is globalization and society. Topics include culture theory, culture scale, and cross-cultural comparisons of subsistence and economic systems, kinship, and family, religious, and political systems. Global problems of modernization, population growth, inequality and warfare will be explored.

Credits: 3

  • Total Hours: 45
  • Lecture Hours: 3
Total Weeks: 15

This course is offered online: No

Prerequisites: ANTH 101 Cultural and Social Anthropology I, or consent of the instructor
Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course the students will be able to
  • Discuss culture theory and analize ethnographic research on various topics
  • Identigy theoretical approaches and research methodology
  • Explain the similarites and differences between cultures by focusing on such issues as language, kinship and family, religion, political organizations, economical exchange and subsistence, and globalization.
Grading System: Letters

Passing Grade: D (50%)
Nature of Participation:
  • Participation consists of attendance, as well as completing the readings before the assigned date, being prepared to give a brief summary of the reading, and being able to offer some sort of evaluation of it. To this end, students should prepare careful notes on the reading before coming to class.
  • Note: 1% will be deducted from the overall 10% of class participation mark for each session that a student may miss.
Writing Assignments:

Portfolio assignment includes the following:
  • Response to questions that may be handed in by the instructor at the end of each session. These questions are related to the subject matter read or the videos watched during classroom sessions
  • Response to at least one question listed at the end of each lesson in the textbook and in the he reader
Percentage of Individual Work: 75

Percentage of Group Work: 25

Course Offered in Other Programs: Yes

Other Programs:
  • Academic (University Transfer)
  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Social Services Worker Diploma

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