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CHEM 104 - Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 104

This course builds on the foundation especially of CHEM 12, examining the relationships of chemical equilibrium with thermodynamics and electrochemistry, with emphasis on the acid/base reaction important in biology. It also provides a comprehensive introduction to organic chemistry. 

Credits:  4


  • Total Hours: 105
  • Lecture Hours: 3
  • Seminars and Tutorials: 1
  • Laboratory Hours: 3
Total Weeks:  15

This course is offered online:  No

  • CHEM 103 Fundamentals of Chemistry I
  • Consent of the instructor.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Relate the thermodynamic and electrochemical effects on chemical equilibria.
  • Correlate aqueous equilibrium of acids and bases with preparation and properties of buffered solutions.
  • Identify the major groups of organic molecules and their basic properties.
  • Understand the types and significance of isomers, especially their stereochemistry.
  • Describe fundamental organic chemistry reaction mechanisms.
  • Apply mathematics to quantify chemical outcomes.
  • Carry out chemical procedures and integrate the data into an intellectual framework.
  • Provide a course equivalent to a second-semester, first-year chemistry course at BC Universities.
Grading System:  Letters

Passing Grade:  D (50%)
Percentage of Individual Work:  100

Course Offered in Other Programs:  Yes

Other Programs: Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Arts Degree - Criminology Specialization, University Arts and Sciences certificates

Textbooks: Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.


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