COSM 160 - Business Skills

This course provides information regarding how to obtain employment in the field of Cosmetology or related disciplines. Topics include establishing effective test-taking skills, preparing for employment, writing a resume, and completing a successful interview. The importance of teamwork, job descriptions, compensation, personal budgeting, retailing, and building a client base are also discussed. Learners will gain the skills to manage a successful salon business and identify how types of ownership, accurate record keeping, telephone techniques, and marketing can help them to excel in the industry. Learners will receive a review of the Cosmetology program in order to help them prepare for the provincial exam.


Hours: 96 (Lecture Hours: 12;  Laboratory Hours: 12)


Total Weeks:  4


COSM 130 Hair Care


Non-Course Prerequisites:




Course Content:
- Seeking Employment
- One the Job
- The Salon Business
- Provincial Examination Preparation


Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:
- Discuss the essentials of becoming test wise
- Explain the steps involved in preparing for employment
- Differentiate and describe the different types of salon businesses
- Compile an achievement oriented résumé and prepare an employment portfolio
- Explain how to explore the job market and research potential employers
- Engage in an effective employment interview
- Describe the qualities that help a new employee succeed in a service profession
- Describe the habits of a good salon team player
- Explain the function of a job description
- Describe three different ways in which salon professionals are compensated
- Explain how to and create a personal budget
- Identify and explain the principles of selling products and services in the salon
- Describe the most effective ways to build a client base
- Describe the two ways in which you may go into business for yourself
- Describe and explain the factors to consider when opening a salon
- Describe and explain the types of ownership under which a salon may operate
- Explain the importance of keeping accurate business records
- Identify the importance of the reception area to a salon’s success
- Demonstrate good salon telephone techniques
- Explain the most effective forms of salon advertising
- Describe and perform cosmetological procedures on clientele
- Learners must demonstrate competencies in their skills to Industry Standards.

Knowledge:  Use initiative to identify tasks.

Attitudes:  Use time productively.

Skills:  Select and use appropriate tools.


Grading System:  Percentage


Passing Grade:  70%


Percentage of Individual Work:  100


Additional Course Comments:

- Students will sign and adhere to the Trades & Apprenticeship Safety and Attendance Policy


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