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ECED 208 - Practicum 5

Practicum 5 is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge for working with children from birth to 36 months. It includes both theory and developmentally appropriate practice, including programming and guiding and caring for this age group of children.


Credits:  4


Hours: 215 (Seminars/Tutorials: 15; Practicum Hours: 200)


Total Weeks:  15



ECED 111 Practicum 3
ECED 207 Curriculum 3 Infants and Toddlers


Non-Course Prerequisites: 



ECED 203A Development 3 Infant and Toddlers

ECED 207 Curriculum 3 Infants and Toddlers
ECED 215 Curriculum 4 Working with Children with Diverse Abilities
ECEC 203 Early Learning Framework


Course Content:
- Caregiving and Educating Philosophy and Practice
- Phenomenological Approach
- Observing Infants and Toddlers
- Explaining Behaviours
- Supporting Developmental Stages/ Tasks - Birth to 36 months

- Professional / Personal Development of the Teacher


Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes as they pertain to working with children from birth to three years of age:
- Demonstrate an awareness of the historical and present trends in infant and toddler education
- Demonstrate competency in observing, planning, implementing, and evaluating developmentally appropriate experiences for infants and toddlers
- Apply respectful, responsive, and reciprocal interaction during routine care giving
- Demonstrate competency in the area of administration of infant/toddler programs
- Identify and respond respectfully to diversity within the environment
- Evaluate personal and professional growth, according to established professional competencies
- Set measurable goals for further professional growth


Grading System:  Letters


Passing Grade:  C (60%)


Percentage of Individual Work:  100


Text Books:
Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.
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