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EDCP 050 - Provincial Career and Personal Planning

The goal of Education and Career Planning is to prepare adult learners with life and employment readiness skills. Students will be prepared to pursue individual occupational and/or educational goals within a changing and diverse world.


Hours: 90 (Lecture Hours: 3;   On the Job Experience: 30)


Total Weeks:  20




Non-Course Prerequisites:
Grade 9 reading level


Course Content:
EDCP Core skills units are mandatory while five of the other seven units may be chosen from. While suggestions for specific topics are provided for each major skill area, it is recognized that the exact content of courses may vary.

EDCP Core Skills:
Communication Skills
- Active Listening
- Effective Speaking
- Information from visual media
- Cross-cultural communication Styles
- Non-verbal communication cues
- Effective writing in a variety of context
Career Exploration
- Interest inventories
- Occupational research
- Aptitude testing

- Personal Network

Work exploration Elective Skills (Choose five of seven )
Study Skills
- Learning styles
- Reading skills
- Note taking
- Time management
- Memory and retention
- Computer use
- Group process
- Problem solving
- Conflict resolution
- Assertiveness
- Assumptions based on bias, gender, age, etc.
- Self-esteem awareness
- Strategies for anger, stress management
- Values and impact
- Personal choice and assumptions
Living Skills
- Budgeting & financial planning
- Nutrition and personal health
- Personal barriers; addictions
- Support and Advocacy
- Community resources
- Safety and self-defense
Job Preparation
- Job search
- Effective resume writing and cover letters
- Interview strategies
- Entrepreneurial options
- Strengthen network
Educational Plan
- Goal Setting
- Student Support Services
- Access academic calendars
- Relationships and interactions
- Positive relationships using effective communication
- Awareness of gender and equity issues
- Diversity in Canadian society


Learning Outcomes:
The learner will be able to:
- Identify attitudes towards work and return to learning
- Assess own career interests by use of assessment tools
- Apply the results of the assessment tools and Internet based resources
- Apply change management techniques to the development of educational and career planning
- Identify own communication style and demonstrate/practice effective listening and feedback skills
- Define key concepts of self-esteem and how these concepts apply to themselves
- Identify relevant college and community resources, and how to access them
- Identify key informational interviewing skills and complete a minimum of 3 informal interviews
- Perform set tasks using computer skills
- Establish self-determined, realistic personal/educational/career goals, and complete an Action Plan using resources  collected in a portfolio, including resume and cover letter and present in class


Grading System: Letters


Passing Grade:  D (50%)


Percentage of Individual Work: 50


Percentage of Group Work: 50


Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.
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