ENGL 052 - Provincial Level Essentials English

This provincial level course develops English skills required for daily life and some occupations. This course satisfies the English requirement for the Adult Graduation Diploma but is not recognized as a prerequisite for most college or university courses.


Hours: 120 (*Other Contact Hours: 6)


Total Weeks: 20


English 030 Intermediate English or equivalent,

OR Instructor permission (may include Career and College Preparation English Assessment)


Course Content:
Critical and Creative Thinking
- Thinking skills for essay work and organizing thoughts
- Thinking skills for prewriting and portfolio work
- Exploring diverse perspectives to develop or modify one's point of view
Speaking and Listening
- Mock-interview speaking and listening skills
- Use of presentation aids to enhance communication
Reading, Research and Reference
- Essay reading skills on topics of education, family, employment, Canadian culture, technology, health and the environment
- Job search and reference skills
- Research and reference skills in searching the Internet and library for information
Written Communication
- Grammar lessons about the parts of speech and simple sentences
- Grammar lessons about word order, subject-verb agreement and compound sentences
- Grammar lessons on agreements (subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent)
- Functional writing, draft prewriting and editing skills for work-related drafts (resume, cover letter, memos)
- Grammar lessons about sentence fragments, run-on sentences and comma-splices
- Targeting writing to a particular audience
- Grammar lessons to avoid wordiness, use of active voice, and use of adjectives and adverbs
- Grammar lessons on pronoun case and use of possessive pronouns
- Grammar lessons on word choice and usage
- Grammar lessons about capitalization, spelling and parallelism
Computer Literacy

- Use of word processor to type assignments
- Spelling and grammar checks
- Creation of a resume, cover letter and memo using templates
- Creation of an email account to use on your resume
- Creation of a brochure or information sheet using clip-art


Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:
Critical and Creative Thinking:
- Recognize elements of clear communication
- Demonstrate organizational thought processes to solve problems
- Evaluate arguments for validity, reliability, currency and objectivity
- Demonstrate an understanding of how communication formats influence language choices and usage
- Record, organize and store information read, heard or viewed
- Support a position by citing specific details from what has been read, heard or viewed
- Explore diverse perspectives to develop or modify one's point of view
- Assess one's own knowledge and use of language
- Assess information for completeness, accuracy, currency, relevance, balance or perspectives and bias
- Analyze different presentations of the same information to reconsider positions
- Assess ways in which language reflects and influences values and behaviour
Speaking and Listening:
- Interact effectively in formal or informal situations
- Adjust speaking style to suit audience, purpose and situation
- Use effective presentation aids to enhance communications
Reading, Research and Reference:
- Summarize, make inferences, draw conclusions and critically evaluate
- Evaluate the effectiveness of one's own and others' written presentations
- Paraphrase main ideas in written and oral instructions
- Distinguish between implicit and explicit messages
- Apply prior knowledge and experience to assist understanding of new material
- Use a variety of strategies and sources to gather information, including print sources, library resources and the internet
- Interpret details in and draw conclusions from information presented in a variety of print and graphic formats, including electronic formats
- Read articles, books, stories and poetry
Written Communication:
- Gather information and organize it into functional writing assignments
- Edit own work fully for coherence and accuracy
- Monitor spelling, grammar, mechanics and syntax using appropriate techniques and resources as required, including electronically
- Write effectively, adjusting for audience, purpose and situation to inform, persuade, and interact in formal and informal situations
- Organize information and ideas to clarify thinking and achieve desired effect
Computer Literacy:

- Use technology to support and enhance writing skills and organize information.


Grading System: Letters


Passing Grade: D (50%)


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Additional Comments:
-*Contact Hours are: Self-paced instruction in 'Career and College Preparation Adult Learning Centers'

-English 052 will follow the Ministry of Advanced Education articulated learning outcomes in five areas. Learners will work through the text "A Thousand Words: Grammar and Writing in Context" to meet these learning outcomes.


Texbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.