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ENGL 099 - Foundational Writing
Course Details

Course Code: ENGL 099

Credits: 3

Calendar Description:

English 099 introduces students to the fundamental aspects of clear written communication in a variety of genres. Genre coverage may include academic, creative, and workplace writing. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental components of clear written communication in each context, including organization of ideas, diction, grammar, and punctuation.

Date First Offered: 2005-09-01

  • Total Hours: 45
  • Lecture Hours: 3
Total Weeks: 15

This course is offered online: Yes
Depending on semester schedules, this course may be available online. Please consult the Academic Timetables.

Pre-Requisites: None

Non-Course Pre-Requisites:
  • Completion of Writing Assessment (WA) is recommended for applicants who wish to enroll in ENGL 099 Foundational Writing
Co-Requisites: None

Course Content:
Introduction to the Course

Unit One: The Concept of Genre

Unit Two: Personal Essays as a Genre
  • Creative Nonfiction and Figures of Speech
Unit Three: Organizing and Developing a Personal Essay
  • Introductions
  • Methods of Development
  • Outlines
  • Core Paragraphs
  • Conclusions
Unit Four: Sentence-Level Style
  • Sentence Fragments
  • Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
  • Punctuation
  • Placement of Sentence Elements
  • Subordination and Coordination
  • Emphasis, Variety, Exactness
Unit Five: Summarization
  • Identifying a hierarchy of ideas in paragraphs and entire essays
  • Paraphrasing
  • Quoting
  • Attributive Frames
Unit Six: Literary Criticism and Writing in the Academic Disciplines
  • The Shift from Personal Claims to Knowledge Claims
  • Styles of Documentation
  • The Mechanics of Reported Speech
  • Symbolism and Critical Thinking in Literary Analysis
Unit Seven: Workplace Communications
  • Preparing a business letter
Unit Eight: Review and Discussion of the Final Exam

(See the syllabus for a more detailed description of day-to-day course content.)

Learning Outcomes:
The main goal of English 099 is to develop composition skills that are essential to reading and writing in a variety of disciplines and occupations. The specific skills addressed in this course include the following:
  • Taking accurate and efficient notes based on written material
  • Accurately summarizing sophisticated ideas
  • Producing well-formatted, computer-generated texts
  • Distinguishing between colloquial and formal language
  • Narrowing a broad subject
  • Concisely presenting an overarching claim or thesis
  • Developing a thesis through unified paragraphs that consist of main points and
  • Supporting details
  • Constructing grammatically correct sentences that clearly convey complex ideas
  • Varying sentence configurations for argumentative effect
  • Making informed choices about language use in particular discursive context such as personal essays, business letters, literary criticism, etc.
  • Attributing and documenting information borrowed from external sources so as to avoid plagiarism.
  • Engaging in effective revision and proofreading.
Students who emerge from English 099 with a “C” or better will have demonstrated foundational composition skills that facilitate a successful transition into academic or professional writing.

Grading System: Letters, Percentage

Passing Grade: D (50%)

Grading Weight:
  • Final Exam: 20 %
  • Assignments: 70 %
  • Participation: 10 %
Number of Assignments: 9

Nature of Participation: Contributions to class discussion.

Writing Assignments:
  • Proposals
  • Outlines
  • Personal essays
  • A summary
  • Short academic paper
  • Business letter.
Percentage of Individual Work: 90

Percentage of Group Work: 10

Course Offered in Other Programs: No

Additional Comments:
    A penalty of 5 % will be deducted each day an assignment is late; an alternate due date must be obtained from the instructor prior to the original submission date. Students must submit the final essay and write the final exam to pass the course. Failure to do this will result in an automatic 'F' in ENGL 099. A plagiarized paper will receive '0.'

Other information:
  • Approximately 9 writing assignments
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