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LAND 102 - Introduction to Botany
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LAND 102


Calendar Description:
This course will introduce the student to the study of plants. Topics of study will include plant morphology and reproduction, basic physiology, response to environmental and site conditions, taxonomy and species identification, and an introduction to plant ecology. Basic techniques for measuring plant characteristics will also be practiced in the field.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 34
Lecture Hours: 4
Field Experience Hours: 0.5

Total Weeks:

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Non-Course Pre-Requisites:


Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
Plant Morphological Structures
- floral types and structures
- leaf types, shapes, surfaces
- fruit types
- internal structures

Basic Plant Physiological and Growth Processes
- photosynthesis and respiration
- movement of water and material in plants
- plant hormone systems
- physiology of growth

Environmental and Site Factors on Plant Growth
- the effects of excessive heat, cold, moisture, and moisture deficit on plant growth
- measures of environmental and site factors
- plant response to extreme or limiting factors

Dichotomous Keys and Ability to Identify Some Local Species
- basic taxonomic concepts
- use of dichotomous keys to determine plant species
- identify major local plant species
- characteristics of local plant families

Basic Concepts of Plant Ecology
- concept of succession
- ecological equivalence and amplitude
- the edatopic grid

Use basic techniques to measure and calculate plant characteristics
- compass, dbh tape, and clinometer
- nested quadrats and nearest neighbour techniques
- calculate tree density and height

Learning Outcomes:
- Identify plant morphological structures
- Describe basic plant physiology and growth processes
- Describe the role of environmental and site conditions on plant growth
- Demonstrate the use of dichotomous keys and the ability to identify some local species
- Describe basic concepts of plant ecology
- Use basic techniques to measure and calculate plant characteristics

Grading System:

Passing Grade:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 25 %
Midterm Exam: 20 %
Assignments: 30 %
Project: 25 %

Number of Assignments:

Writing Assignments:
short answer assignments

Percentage of Individual Work:

Percentage of Group Work:

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Text Books:

Required - MacKinnon, P., 1989, Plants of Northern British Columbia, ISBN # 1551051087 (Lone Pine Publishing). Chapters Covered: All
Optional - Verbisky, L., 2002, Northern Lights College Modules (Northern Lights College). Chapters Covered: All
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