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LAND 130 - Land Acquisition Terminology

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LAND 130


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Areas of study will include an overview of rights associated with the ownership of land and duties of a Land Agent. The influence of government procedures on the utilization of land are examined as they relate to the petroleum industry, pipelines, highways, right-of-ways and other surface rights acquisitions. The course material will cover the working language of the industries served by land agents.

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Total Hours: 45
Lecture Hours: 3

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Course Content:
Basic Surface Rights Concepts
- land interests and related terms
- surface and subsurface rights
- selected jurisdictions land status

Process of Land Agent Licensing in Alberta and Role of Land Agent
- role of land agent
- Land Agent Licensing Act, amendments and regulations
- Land Agent standards of conduct
- waiver documentation

Administration of Land Titles
- settlement of land in Western Canada
- land survey systems in Western Canada
- federal land survey systems
- mapping systems used in British Columbia and Alberta
- Torrens land registration system
- BC and Alberta land titles
- administration of land titles using Integrated Land and Resource Registration

Relevant Construction Terms and Processes Related to Upstream Oil and Gas Operations
- types of pipelines and pipeline terms
- petroleum (wellsite) terms
- basic pumping operations
- basic drilling systems
- typical lease layouts

Field Structures for Energy Products
- electrical structures

Access and Compensation Procedures for Energy Products
- Petroleum and Natural Gas Act
- Surface Rights Act
- functions and duties of Surface Rights Board (Alberta)
- functions and duties of Mediation and Arbitration Board (British Columbia)
- Energy Resources Conservation Board functions and duties

Learning Outcomes:
- Explain basic surface rights concepts,
- Describe land agents licensing,
- Demonstrate administration of land titles,
- Describe basic oil and gas operations,
- Describe field structures for energy projects,
- Describe access and compensation procedures for energy projects.

Grading System:

Passing Grade:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 30 %
Quizzes and Tests: 30 %
Assignments: 40 %

Number of Assignments:

Percentage of Individual Work:

Percentage of Group Work:

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