POPR 304 - Basic Fire Fighting

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Course Code:
POPR 304

Calendar Description:
Introduction to First Aid Fire Fighting using Dry Chemical Extinguishers.

Total Hours: 8
Lecture Hours: 2
Field Experience Hours: 6

Must be enrolled in Power Engineering & Gas Processing Program

Course Content:
Student will concentrate on fire fighting technique using portable dry chemical fire extinguishers. Emphasize will be on a practical level fighting small hydrocarbon based fires. Course content will include definition and identification of confined space, the steps involved to prepare a confined space for entry using common industry practices and satisfying government regulations. These steps include pre-planning, ventilation, purging, testing, isolation, lockout, personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, permits. Students will be required to participate in groups, developing a theoretical plan to enter a hypothetical confined space.

Learning Outcomes:
To develop basic skills for Fire Fighting as practised in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Power Engineering & Gas Processing Program