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PSYC 223 - Psychology of Personal Adjustment
Course Details
Course Code:
PSYC 223


Calendar Description:
This course introduces students to the broad areas of psychological adjustment and personal growth throughout the lifespan.

Total Hours: 42
Lecture Hours: 3

Total Weeks:

PSYC 101 and PSYC 102, or consent of the Instructor


Course Content:
- Personal Learning Styles
- Stages of Development; Childhood and Adolescence
- Adulthood and Autonomy
- Body and Wellness; Managing Stress
- Love and Relationships
- Gender and Sexuality
- Work and Recreation
- Loneliness and Solitude
- Death and Loss
- Meaning and Values
- Personal Adjustment and Current Functioning

Learning Outcomes:
- to develop a greater awareness and understanding of some of the challenges and problems people face and attempt to cope with in everyday life
- to recognize that personal adjustment and growth is an on-going, life-long process. change and growth are possible at any age
- to develop personal insight into one's own personality and potential for growth

Grading System:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 10 %
Midterm Exam: 10 %
Quizzes and Tests: 5 %
Assignments: 60 %
Participation: 15 %

Other Programs:
Social Services Worker
Associate of Arts

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