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WELD 217 - RK7 Welding Metallurgy II

Course Details
Course Code:
WELD 217

Calendar Description:
This program focuses on affects of heating and cooling in welding, identifying aluminum and its alloys, and the grain structure of metals. This course is part of the three month, self-paced, Level 'B' Welding program. To complete the Welding 'B' Level program, students must complete P7 and 1 of Modules P8, P9, or P10. To advance to 'A' Level, P-10 must be completed. Students requiring additional time to complete may, with the approval of the instructor, purchase additional weeks of instruction.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 10
Lecture Hours: 10

Total Weeks:

This course is offered online:

Students must have successfully passed the C' Level Welding Program

Non-Course Pre-Requisites:
Proof of 'C' Level Certification or written approval from the Industry Training Authority


Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
Grain Structure of Metals
Effects of Alloy Content and Heat Treatments on the Weldability of Steel
Identifying Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys, and Their Weldability

Learning Outcomes:
Describe the Grain Structure of Metals
Define grain structure in metals
Describe dendritic growth
Identify space-lattice types in metals
Describe grain structure in pure iron
Describe grain structure in slowly-cooled carbon steels
Describe grain structure in rapidly-cooled carbon steels
Identify changes in grain structure that result from welding

Identify the Effects of Alloy Content and Heat Treatments on the Weldability of Steel
Identify the major alloying elements in alloy steels
Identify the types, properties, and weldability of the low alloy steels
Identify the properties and weldability of high strength, low alloy steels (HSLA)
Identify the types, properties, and weldability of the stainless steels
Describe the heat treatment of steel
Describe mechanical treatment of steel

Identify Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys, and Their Weldability
Describe the production of aluminum
Identify the major wrought aluminum alloys designations
Identify major casting aluminum alloys designations
Identify the effects of alloying elements on the weldability of aluminum
Identify the major problems encountered in welding aluminum and its alloys
Identify measures that can be taken to overcome these problems
Describe four types of heat treatments used with aluminum

Grading System:

Passing Grade:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 100 %

Percentage of Individual Work:

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Additional Comments:
As the course is self-paced, students may take up to three months to complete the entire 'B Level portion of the welding program. Students requiring additional weeks to complete may purchase additional weeks of instruction on a weekly basis, and must have the instructor's approval. Students must attain a 70% theoretical mark for all modules.

Text Books:

Required - Industry Training Authority, 1995, RK7 Welding Metallurgy II (Queen's Printer, Victoria, BC). Chapters Covered: All
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