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WFTR 152 - Defensive Driving Evaluation

Assessment of defensive driving and hazard awareness skills.


Hours: 1 (Field Experience Hours: 1)


Total Weeks: 1



Must attend 6 hour Defensive Driving course or 3 hour Defensive Driving Refresher


Non-Course Prerequisites:






Course Content:
- Six Conditions of Driving: driver condition, anticipating changes in conditions, adjusting to changes in conditions, preparing for conditions.
- Hazard Perception and Avoidance: typical hazards, IRP 12 backing signals, how to spot hazards, vehicle positions, mirrors, scanning, wildlife, road hazards, large trucks - sharing the road, seat belts video.
- Split Second Decisions: critical incidents - mental preparation
- Pretrip safety check and vehicle familiarization
- Posture
- Hazard avoidance
- Defensive planning
- Braking techniques
- Signals and lane changes
- Steering control and lane position
- Acceleration
- Parking techniques and backing
- Intersections
- Preplanning
- Speed awareness
- Turns

- Stopping and starting


Learning Outcomes:
- Demonstrate better defensive driving skills
- Demonstrate improved hazard perception and avoidance skills
- Demonstrate an increased awareness of traffic laws
- Upon completion, students will be able to apply defensive driving techniques and hazard avoidance skills


Grading System: Pass/Fail


Passing Grade: Instructor's Evaluation (Pass)


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.
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