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WFTR 167 - Seismic Blasting Safety Training

This one-day course has been developed in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors and government representatives from western Canada to provide a minimum industry training standard for blasting in seismic exploration. It is intended for workers engaged in seismic shot hole drilling and blasting activities.


Hours: 8 (Lecture Hours: 8)


Total Weeks: 1


Participants must have the following prerequisites:
- Must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age
- Must have a minimum of six months hands-on experience as a blaster's assistant in the past 36 months immediately preceding the course date
- Must have the ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing
- Must have the completion of the prescribed Seismic Blaster Safety Training application form

- Must have a current Standard First Aid Certification or Equivalent.


Non-Course Prerequisites:






Course Content:
Topics include:
- Principles of Seismic Exploration
- Introduction to Seismic Explosives and Accessories
- Safe Storage and Transportation of Seismic Explosives
- Safe Work Practices for Seismic Explosives
- Regulations Pertaining To Seismic Blasting
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: CAGC Recommended Practice - Blow-Outs/ Delayed Blowout Procedures
Appendix C: CAGC Recommended Practice - Drilling Alone
Appendix D: CAGC Safety Alert Bulletin - Loading Explosives Safely
Appendix E: Requirements for Abandoned Shot-Holes in BC
Appendix F: Unexploded Charges - Requirements for Reporting - BC, AB, SK
Appendix G: Minimum Separation Distances, Alberta OHS Code - Schedule 10
Appendix H: CAGC Recommended Practice - Use of Detonating Cord in Seismic Data Acquisition
Appendix I: Legislation

Appendix J: References


Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this course students will be able to:
- Identify Principles of Seismic Exploration
- Discuss Seismic Explosives and Accessories
- Identify Storage and Transportation of Seismic Explosives
- Identify Safe Work Practices for Seismic Explosives

- Articulate Regulations Pertaining To Seismic Blasting


Grading System: Pass/Fail


Passing Grade: 80%


Percentage of Individual Work: 100


Text Books:
Textbooks are subject to change.  Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.
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