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WFTR805 - Heavy Equipment Operator Assessment
Course Code:
WFTR 805

Calendar Description:

This two-day course is designed for experienced Heavy Equipment Operators with at least 5000 cumulative hours of operating experience wishing to receive certification recognizing their operating skills and general knowledge of the occupation. Candidates may be certified on one or all of the pieces of equipment: however, proof of operating time and skill competence must be provided to the instructor. The machines included in this assessment are Grader, Loader, Excavator and Dozers. The machine operating assessment consists of the Northern Lights College instructor observing participants operating machines and performing typical procedures associated with specific machines. Each participant must also demonstrate the ability to carry out basic maintenance procedures on all equipment they wish to be certified for. This includes fluid level checks, lubrication procedures, wear and fault checks and safety equipment checks.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 14
Lecture Hours: 7
Field Experience Hours: 7

Total Weeks:

This course is offered online:


Non-Course Pre-Requisites:
5000 hours of operating experience.


Rearticulation Submission:


Course Content:
- Review of operating theory, safety protocols, maintenance procedures and personal protective equipment
- Orientation on equipment maintenance and operator assessment
- Three hour Heavy Equipment Operator exam
- Assessment of equipment maintenance knowledge including fluid level checks, lubrication procedures, wear and fault checks
- Safety equipment checks including fire extinguishers, first aid kits, signal lights, traffic control signs, windows, seatbelts and any other safety equipment associated with the equipment participants are being certified on
- Specific procedures and tasks to carry out on the various pieces of equipment that participants are being assessed on

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
- Demonstrate how to safely and effectively maintain cooling, lubrication, air intake, exhaust, fuel and hydraulic systems of the various types of equipment being assessed on
- Demonstrate the ability to conduct mechanical visual inspections, track tension, tire condition, limited troubleshooting, track cleaning and overall cleanliness requirements
- Understand and demonstrate the safety procedures for each of the various types of equipment being assessed on
- Demonstrate the operation of specific equipment being assessed on in a safe, constructive manner

Grading System:

Passing Grade:

Grading Weight:

Final Exam: 50 %
Field Experience: 50 %

Percentage of Individual Work:

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Additional Comments:
Participants must prove their operating experience by providing letters from former and current employers/supervisors and demonstrate their competency in the operation of the specific machines they wish to be certified on. In addition to proving and demonstrating their operating experience participants must study the prescribed heavy equipment operation textbooks, participate in a classroom instructional session with the Northern Lights College Heavy Equipment Operator instructor, and pass the Heavy Equipment Operator exam with a mark of at least 70%.

The basic outcome of this course is to assess the skill levels of experienced heavy equipment operators and to ensure that they meet the basic requirements for certification by Northern Lights College. Our goal is to fill the gap between our 13 week Heavy Equipment Operator Course designed for inexperienced operators and the need to provide a certification option for experienced operators.

The instructor will assess participant's ability based on industry recognized practices for each piece of equipment.

Student to supply all required personal safety equipment such as safety boots, safety glasses, coveralls, gloves and hearing protection.

Keys to Success:
All participants in the Heavy Equipment Operator Assessment will receive the textbooks in advance to provide time for them to review the safety procedures, operating theory and general maintenance of heavy equipment prior to the classroom review and hands-on assessment.

Text Books:
Required - C. Desautels, 2001, Fundamentals of Excavator Operation (OnSite Productions). Chapters Covered: All
Required - R. Cartwright, 2005, Heavy Equipment Program (Keyano College). Chapters Covered: All
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