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CPSC 111 - Computer Science and Information Technology
CPSC 111

This course provides an introduction to computer systems and programming. Concepts in computer architecture include central processing units, buses, memory units, input /output and communication devices.

Credits:  3

  • Total Hours: 45
  • Lecture Hours: 1.5
  • Laboratory Hours: 1.5
Total Weeks:  15

This course is offered online:  No

Prerequisites: CPSC 101 or CPSC 100 or one of Principles of Math 12, Foundations 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Math 050

Learning Outcomes:
  • Use Excel to analyze scientific/business data including object linking/embedding (OLE);
  • Use Access to manage data and establish relationships between different dbm-files;
  • Problem analysis;
  • Program design, coding and testing;
  • Language elements such as data types, variables and assignment statements;
  • Mixed-mode arithmetic;
  • Input/output operations;
  • Basic data structures and control structures;
  • Procedures and abstract data types;
  • Basic database management concepts.
Grading System:  Letters

Grading Weight:
  • Final Exam: 40 %
  • Midterm Exam: 30 %
  • Assignments: 25 %
  • Participation: 5 %
Course Offered in Other Programs:  Yes

Other Programs: Associate of Arts Degree, University Arts and Sciences certificates

Textbooks: Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.

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