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ECED 150 - The Early Childhood Education Professional
Course Details

Course Code: 
ECED 150

Credits:  3

Calendar Description:
Professional issues such as advocacy, ethics, current research and growth trends are examined in this course. Students are introduced to role of provincial and federal professional organizations. Career options and continuing professionalism will also be examined.

Date First Offered:  2010-09-01

  • Total Hours: 45
  • Lecture Hours: 45
Total Weeks:  15

This course is offered online:  Yes

  • ECED 110 Practicum 2
  • ECEC 200 Curriculum 2
  • ECEC 201 Building Professional Family Partnerships
  • ECEC 202 Administration and Leadership in Early Childhood Education
  • ECED 111 Practicum 3
  • may be taken concurrently or by permission of instructor
Non-Course Pre-Requisites:  None

Co-Requisites:  None

Rearticulation Submission:  No

Course Content:
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical practice
  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Trends and special topics in ECE
  • Advocacy
Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
  • Identify current concerns and issues in ECE
  • Plan for further professional growth
  • Identify career and professional goals
  • Link with professional organizations
  • Network as an ECE professional
Grading System:  Letters, Percentage

Passing Grade:  C (60%)

Grading Weight:
  • Assignments: 40 %
  • Portfolio: 40 %
  • Participation: 20 %
Number of Assignments:  3

Nature of Participation:
  • Online and/or teleconference discussion of the lesson material
Writing Assignments:
  • 2 summary critiques
Percentage of Individual Work:  100

Course Offered in Other Programs:  No

Additional Comments:
  • Developed for distributed delivery with required teleconferences and/or online participation.
  • Students are required to join the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia in lieu of a text for this course.
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