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ENGL 111 - Poetry and Drama
Course Details

Course Code:
ENGL 111

Credits: 3

Calendar Description:
Analytical reading and critical writing are fundamental academic skills. English 111 introduces students to the kinds of academic writing undertaken in literary studies, focusing on the genres of poetry and drama. Evaluation is conducted through written assignments and in-class examination.

Date First Offered: 2000-06-01

Total Hours: 45
Lecture Hours: 3

Total Weeks: 15

This course is offered online: No

  • Applicants who do not have at least a 'B' in English 12 (or English Literature 12) or at least a 'C' in a university-level English course must complete the NLC Writing Assessment and discuss the results with a Recruiter at Student Services before registering in 100-level English courses
  • Management 100, or introductory Creative Writing at the 200 level.
  • Recruiters consider performance on the Assessment in conveying recommendations about appropriate courses.
Non-Course Pre-Requisites: None

Co-Requisites: None

Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
Basic concepts and vocabulary of formalist literary-critical tradition; focus on modern Anglo-American and Canadian lyric, modern drama.
  • Concepts Texts
  • Genre, Rhetoric, Poetics WCW, "The Red Wheelbarrow"
  • Figurative Language Ezra Pound, "In a Station of the Metro"
  • AM Klein, "Lone Bather"
  • Symbolism, Explication Margaret Avison, "The Swimmer's Moment"
  • WB Yeats, "Long-Legged Fly" and excerpt from "The Symbolism of Poetry"
  • Ezra Pound, excerpt from "A Retrospect"
  • Bob Dylan, "Blind Willie McTell"
  • Persona, Tone, Voice Ezra Pound, "The Garden"
  • WH Auden, "Musee des Beaux-Arts"
  • TS Eliot, "Journey of the Magi"
  • Author Criticism Poetic and Biographical Material on Al Purdy, Lou Reed, Henrik Ibsen
  • Origins & Theory of Drama Aristotle's Poetics
  • Henrik Ibsen, "A Doll's House"
  • Tragedy & Comedy Henrik Ibsen, "The Master Builder"
  • Oscar Wilde, "The Importance of Being Earnest"
  • Modern Drama Tennessee Williams, "The Glass Menagerie"
Learning Outcomes:
The master objective of ENGL 111 is to introduce students to the fundamental forms and structures of two literary genres, poetry and drama, and to situate these genres in social, historical, philosophical and literary contexts. Analysis is emphasized. Time is devoted to the subject of Writing about Literature, and to philological discussions concerning the place of literary writing in a larger cultural and historical understanding. Students will be expected to:
  • Analyze literary and other texts according to objective criteria
  • Use genre and other topics for understanding of literary and other texts
  • Demonstrate understanding of social and historical contexts of literary genres
  • Express a coherent awareness of critical position relative to literary and other texts
  • Express various forms of understanding in well-constructed essayistic discourse
  • Develop well-structured arguments about literature
  • Provide in-text citations and works cited lists.
This course meets the revised criteria developed by the English Studies Committee (2001) concerning the aims of first-year English courses; to develop reading, writing and stylistic skills in students so that they may research and organize content appropriate to their educational level.

Knowledge: as above

  • Appreciation for literary quality in genres of lyric and drama
  • Respect for literary craft
Skills: Literary-critical, oral, revision

Technologies: Word-processing

Grading System: Letters

Passing Grade: D (50%)

Grading Weight:
  • Final Exam: 25 %
  • Midterm Exam: 15 %
  • Assignments: 55 %
  • Participation: 5 %
Number of Assignments: 4

Nature of Participation:
  • In-class discussion
Writing Assignments:
  • Three essays
  • Proposal
Percentage of Individual Work: 100

Course Offered in Other Programs: Yes

Other Programs:
  • Arts Certificate
  • Criminology Certificate
  • Elementary Education Certificate
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Humanities Certificate
  • Social Science Certificate
  • Associate of Arts Diploma - Fine Arts
  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Associate of Arts Degree - Criminology Specialization
  • Social Services Worker Diploma
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