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ESTH 180 - Unit Eight: Business and Portfolios
Course Details

Course Code:
ESTH 180

Calendar Description:
This course will introduce students to the knowledge and skills necessary for running a salon or spa. The course will help prepare the student for employment in the industry by focusing on pre-employment skills such as resume preparation, job search, interview skills, self-promotion, and portfolio development.

Date First Offered:  2008-02-04

  • Total Hours: 36
  • Lecture Hours: 36
This course is offered online: No

  • ESTH 110 - Unit One: Career Foundations
  • ESTH 120 - Unit Two: The Science of Skin and Nail Care
  • ESTH 130 - Unit Three: Treatments - Nail Care Technology
  • ESTH 140 - Unit Four: Esthetics and Nail Care Treatments
  • ESTH 150 - Unit Five: Makeup Artistry and Reflexology
  • ESTH 160 - Unit Six: Aromatherapy, Body Treatments and Wraps, Massage
Non-Course Pre-Requisites: None

Co-Requisites: None

Rearticulation Submission: No

Course Content:
  • The Salon/Spa Business
    • Business fundamentals
    • Sales, marketing, public relations
    • Salon/spa management
    • Record keeping
  • Portfolio Development
  • Pre-Employment Skills
Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:
  • Describe the business side of spa/salon operations
  • Describe the factors to consider when opening a salon
  • Describe the importance of good record keeping
  • Name and describe the types of ownership under which a salon or spa may operate
  • Employ marketing techniques (business and personal)
  • Create brochures, business cards, resumes
  • Describe the basic principles of selling products and services, the purpose of marketing and promotions, and methods of advertising
  • Describe the steps in preparing for a job interview
  • Describe the importance of continuing education for the esthetics professional
  • Present a portfolio of work demonstrating proficiency of acquired skills
Grading System: Percentage

Passing Grade: 70%

Grading Weight:
  • Portfolio: 80 %
  • Participation: 20 %
Nature of Participation:
  • Consistent attendance
  • Active participation in classroom discussions and activities
Percentage of Individual Work: 100

Course Offered in Other Programs: No

Text Books:
  • Required - Gerson, J., 2004, Milady's Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians (Thomson/Delmar Learning). Chapters Covered: 19-21
  • Required - Schultes, S.E., 2004, Milady's Standard Nail Technology (Thomson/Delmar Learning). Chapters Covered: 19, 20
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