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MATH 043 - Advanced Level Developmental Mathematics
Course Details

Course Code:

MATH 043

Calendar Description:
The goal of Advanced level Developmental Mathematics is to provide students with sufficient algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to satisfy grade 11 prerequisites for some vocational, career, technical, and/or further academic programs. This course satisfies the mathematics requirement for the BC Adult Graduation Diploma.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 120
Lecture Hours: 120

Total Weeks:

This course is offered online:

Intermediate MATH 030 or MATH 10 (or successful completion of Adult Basic Education Placement Test)

Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
Operations with Real Numbers

Learning Outcomes:
Students learn:

- to solve problems involving real numbers, first degree equations and inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions, linear equations (and systems), radical expressions, trigonometry.
- to solve problems in one of the following areas: quadratic equations, statistics, financial mathematics, or geometry.

Grading System:

Passing Grade:

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 30 %
Other: 70 %

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Other Programs:
Adult Basic Education
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