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MGMT 217 - Business Systems Analysis and Design

Course Code:
MGMT 217


Calendar Description:
This course introduces students to the concepts, theories, principles, and frameworks for managing change in the structures and systems of a business.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 45
Lecture Hours: 45

Total Weeks:

This course is offered online:


Non-Course Pre-Requisites:


Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
The Context of Systems Analysis and Design Methods
Information System Building Blocks
Information System Development
Project and Process Management
System Analysis
Fact-Finding Technique for Requirements Discovery
Data Modelling and Analysis
Process Modelling and Analysis
Feasibility Analysis and System Proposal
System Design
Input Design and Prototyping
Output Design and Prototyping
System Construction and Implementation
System Operation and Support

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, the students will be able to:
-understand the role of information systems in an organization;
-demonstrate understanding of the Systems Analyst in information system development;
-describe the various components of information systems;
-describe the six phases of the systems life cycle;
-discuss how problems or needs are identified during preliminary investigation;
-explain how the current system is studied and new requirements are specified;
-describe how a new or alternative information system is designed;
-know how new hardware and software are acquired, developed and tested;
-discuss how a new information system is implemented;
-describe the process of systems maintenance

Grading System:

Passing Grade:
D (50%)

Grading Weight:
Final Exam: 30 %
Midterm Exam: 30 %
Assignments: 20 %
Project: 20 %

Number of Assignments:

Percentage of Individual Work:

Percentage of Group Work:

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Additional Comments:
Assignment Policy: All assignments are to be submitted on due date. Extensions granted ONLY with instructor permission and at the discretion of the instructor. 10% penalty for late assignments. Late assignments submitted without prior instructor permission will not be graded. Assignments more than one week late will not be accepted. Contact instructor if extreme circumstances exist.

Exams are to be written as scheduled. Please advise instructor immediately of any conflicts.

Keys to Success:
READ the assigned chapter sections prior to each lecture. ATTENDANCE is critical. STAY CURRENT. Submit assignments on time. Take advantage of instructor office hours for additional assistance as needed. Use the On-Line Learning Center at www.mcgrawhill.ca/college/garrison to review materials and prepare for exams.
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