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VSAR 178 - Introduction to Printmaking I
Course Details
Course Code:
VSAR 178


Calendar Description:
Various disciplines of printmaking are explored in this course, including the monotype and relief prints, (collagraph, woodblock and linocut). An introduction will be made to materials and tools along with the production of mono and edition prints. An open and expressive use of techniques will be emphasized.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 90
Lecture Hours: 3
Laboratory Hours: 3

Total Weeks:

This course is offered online:


Non-Course Pre-Requisites:


Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
Introduction to Printmaking:
A. History of Printmaking
B. Types of Printmaking
C. The Idea of Multiples
D. Mono vs. Edition Prints
E. Monotype Prints (production of prints)

Relief Printmaking:
A. Oilbase
B. Waterbase
C. Collagraph
D. Lino Vs. Wood
E. Black and White - Multiple Block Registration
F. The Press vs. the Barren
G. Production of Relief Prints

Learning Outcomes:
Successful completion of this course requires that students demonstrate a knowledge and comprehension of all the printmaking techniques dealt with. In particular, students will be able to:
- demonstrate an understanding of the history of printmaking
- identify the types of printmaking
- identify and demonstrate the correct use of common tools used in an art studio for printmaking
- identify the differences between mono and edition prints
- create prints using oilbase, waterbase, and collagraph media
- identify the differences, benefits, and limits of lino and wood in print making
- produce relief prints

Note: Skills related to each category listed in the course content will vary slightly, or greatly depending on the technique described. Through the exploration of appropriate materials and tools students are expected to be able to clearly express original concepts. An understanding of the unique aesthetic qualities and philosophies that accompany printmaking will be examined as well. Through the introduction of periodic individual and group critiques. Completion of each project set is essential to the creation of an edition based portfolio and formation of a professional attitude.

Grading System:
Letters, Percentage

Passing Grade:
D (50%)

Grading Weight:
Assignments: 90 %
Participation: 10 %

Number of Assignments:

Nature of Participation:
attendance, critiques

Percentage of Individual Work:

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Other Programs:
Associate of Arts Degree
Associate of Arts Diploma

Text Books:

Required - N/A, Reference Material (Library), Books, Videos, etc . Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Leaf, R., Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques (Mineola, NY: Dover Publication). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Petit, G., and Amadio, A., Evoloving Techniques in Japanese Woodblock Prints (Tokoyo, NY: Kodansha International, Harper and Renn). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Newman, T. R., Innovative Printmaking (New York, NY: Crown Publishing Inc.). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Heller, J., Papermaking (Watson-Guptill Publishing Inc.). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Saff, D., and Sacilotto, D., Printmaking (Toronto, ON: Harcourt Brace and Co.). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Henning, R., Screen Printing: Waterbased Technique (New York, NY: Watson-Guptill Publishing Inc.). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Gardner, A. , The Artists Silkscreen Man (Putnam Publishing Group)
Optional - Ross, J. and Ross, C.R., The Complete Printmaker (New York, NY: Free Press). Chapters Covered: Varies
Optional - Wax, C, The Mezzotint (New York, NY: Abrams). Chapters Covered: Varies
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