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WFTR512 - Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace
Course Code:
WFTR 512

Calendar Description:
This course concentrates on personal and professional development skills needed by workers in today's workplace. These skills include self-examination and assessment, development of effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, client relations, teamwork, problem solving, and an understanding of business ethics. This course also enhances the student's ability to work alone or with others with or without supervision. Emphasis is placed on the development of professional attitudes, cooperation, and effective interpersonal communication skills.

Date First Offered:

Total Hours: 30
Seminars and Tutorials: 30

Total Weeks:

This course is offered online:


Non-Course Pre-Requisites:


Rearticulation Submission:

Course Content:
- Non-verbal Communication
- Listening Skills
- Interview Skills
- Conflict Resolution
- Teamwork Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Conducting Effective Meetings
- Cultural Diversity

Learning Outcomes:
Upon the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
- Practice active listening skills (i.e. appropriate nonverbal communication, use of open
and closed questions, paraphrasing)
- Express your own thoughts and concerns in a clear and assertive manner
- Accurately interpret the communication of others (e.g. by being sensitive to verbal and
nonverbal messages, checking perceptions)
- Give and receive feedback to customers/clients, co-workers, subordinates and
- Help others solve work-related problems in a non-threatening, supportive manner
- Work effectively as a member of a team
- Utilize strategies for resolving conflicts and working with others in short-term, high-stress
- Recognize and evaluate your own communication styles and the attitudes, beliefs, and
values that underlie them

Students can expect to develop the following skills in:
- Skills for Busy Students
- Manage study time effectively
- Set educational priorities and goals
- Recognize personal learning style
- Use effective note-taking strategies
- Develop problem-solving and memory skills
- Practice strategies to reduce stress level and deal with anxiety
- Practice strategies to succeed at exams and tests
- Use support systems and College resources
Getting Hired Skills
- Recognize personal skills and attributes
- Prepare for an effective job interview

Grading System:


Passing Grade:

Grading Weight:
Quizzes and Tests: 40 %
Assignments: 40 %
Project: 15 %
Participation: 5 %

Number of Assignments:

Nature of Participation:

Percentage of Individual Work:

Course Offered in Other Programs:

Text Books:
Required - P. Klaus, The Hard Truth about Soft Skills (Haper-Collins). Chapters Covered: AllAdd Content...
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