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WLAT200 - Welding Apprenticeship Level 2

The second of three levels of the apprenticeship program. This eight week course focuses on gas, stick, and wire welding. Apprentices completing Level 1 and Level 2 technical training and 3,000 work-based training hours are eligible for Certification of Qualification with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

Hours: 240

Total Weeks: 8

This course is offered online: No

Pre-Requisites: Students must be employer-sponsored ITA registered Welding Apprentices and have achieved Level 1 Apprenticeship status with the Industry Training Authority.

Course Content:
WELD 103 P3 Gas Welding and Braze Welding Part 2
WELD 104 P4 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Part 2
WELD 106 P6 GMAW and FCAW Part 2
WELD 111 RK1 Material Handling
Rk2A Blueprint Reading I
RK2B Mathematics
WELD 113 Rk3 Welding Metalurgy

Learning Outcomes:

• Braze Weld on Grey Cast Iron
• Silver Braze on Similar and Dissimilar Metals
• Shielded Metal Arc Weld Fillet Welds on Mild Steel Plate
• Shielded Metal Arc Weld Fillet Welds on Mild Steel Sheet
• Shielded Metal Arc Weld Groove Welds on Mild Steel Plate
• Hardsurface and Hardface in the Flat Position on Mild Steel Plate
• Shielded Metal Arc Weld Grove Welds in the Flat (1G) Position on Grey Cast Iron
• Gas Metal Arc Weld Fillet and Groove Welds on Mild Steel Sheet
• Gas Metal Arc Weld Groove Welds on Mild Steel Plate
• Flux Cored Arc Weld Groove Welds on Mild Steel Plate
• Gas Metal Arc Weld Fillet and Groove Welds Using Alternate Shielding Gases
• Gas Metal Arc Weld Fillet Welds on Aluminum Plate
• Identify Materials Handling Equipment
• Identify Material Handling Procedures
• Move Material
• Sketch Basic Objects Using Orthographic Projection 

• Sketch Isometric Drawings of Basic Objects 

• Sketch a Dimensioned Drawing
• Identify Welding Symbols and Bolted Connections
• Interpret Structural Drawings
• Solve Problems Involving Fractions
• Solve Problems Involving Decimals
• Use Metric Measurement
• Solve Problems Involving Percent
• Calculate Roots and Powers
• Solve Problems Involving Geometric Formulas
• Solve Problems Involving Angles, Triangles, and Geometric Constructions
• Identify the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Metals
• Describe Iron and Steel
• Identify Metals

Passing Grade: 70%. NOTE: In-school technical training (combined theory & practical) is 80% of final mark. The ITA Standardized Level exam is 20%. These two scores are combined to determine the final percentage that is submitted to the ITA. A percentage score of 70% or greater is required to pass when the final in-school percentage score and the final ITA Standardized Level exam percentage score are blended.

Grading Weight:
Quizzes and Tests: 100 %
Other: 20%

Course Offered in Other Programs: No

Textbooks: Textbooks are subject to change. Please contact the bookstore at your local campus for current book lists.

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