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ENGL 052 - Provincial Level Essentials English
Course Details

Course Code:
ENGL 052

Calendar Description:
This provincial level course develops English skills required for daily life and some occupations. This course satisfies the English requirement for the Adult Graduation Diploma but is not recognized as a prerequisite for most college or university courses.

Date First Offered: 2010-09-01

  • Total Hours: 120
  • Other Contact Hours: 120
Total Weeks: 16

This course is offered online: No

  • English 030 Intermediate English or equivalent
  • OR Instructor permission (may include Career and College Preparation English Assessment)
Non-Course Pre-Requisites: NONE

Co-Requisites: NONE

Rearticulation Submission: No

Course Content:
Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Thinking skills for essay work and organizing thoughts
  • Thinking skills for prewriting and portfolio work
  • Exploring diverse perspectives to develop or modify one's point of view

Speaking and Listening

  • Mock-interview speaking and listening skills
  • Use of presentation aids to enhance communication
Reading, Research and Reference
  • Essay reading skills on topics of education, family, employment, Canadian culture, technology, health and the environment
  • Job search and reference skills
  • Research and reference skills in searching the Internet and library for information
Written Communication
  • Grammar lessons about the parts of speech and simple sentences
  • Grammar lessons about word order, subject-verb agreement and compound sentences
  • Grammar lessons on agreements (subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent)
  • Functional writing, draft prewriting and editing skills for work-related drafts (resume, cover letter, memos)
  • Frammar lessons about sentence fragments, run-on sentences and comma-splices
  • Targeting writing to a particular audience
  • Grammar lessons to avoid wordiness, use of active voice, and use of adjectives and adverbs
  • Grammar lessons on pronoun case and use of possessive pronouns
  • Grammar lessons on word choice and usage
  • Grammar lessons about capitalization, spelling and parallelism
Computer Literacy
  • Use of word processor to type assignments
  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Creation of a resume, cover letter and memo using templates
  • Creation of an email account to use on your resume
  • Creation of a brochure or information sheet using clip-art
Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:
Critical and Creative Thinking:
  • Recognize elements of clear communication
  • Demonstrate organizational thought processes to solve problems
  • Evaluate arguments for validity, reliability, currency and objectivity
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how communication formats influence language choices and usage
  • Record, organize and store information read, heard or viewed
  • Support a position by citing specific details from what has been read, heard or viewed
  • Explore diverse perspectives to develop or modify one's point of view
  • Assess one's own knowledge and use of language
  • Assess information for completeness, accuracy, currency, relevance, balance or perspectives and bias
  • Analyse different presentations of the same information to reconsider positions
  • Assess ways in which language reflects and influences values and behaviour
Speaking and Listening:
  • Interact effectively in formal or informal situations
  • Adjust speaking style to suit audience, purpose and situation
  • Use effective presentation aids to enhance communications
Reading, Research and Reference:
  • Summarize, make inferences, draw conclusions and critically evaluate
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of one's own and others' written presentations
  • Paraphrase main ideas in written and oral instructions
  • Distinguish between implicit and explicit messages
  • Apply prior knowledge and experience to assist understanding of new material
  • Use a variety of strategies and sources to gather information, including print sources, library resources and the internet
  • Interpret details in and draw conclusions from information presented in a variety of print and graphic formats, including electronic formats
  • Read articles, books, stories and poetry
Written Communication:
  • Gather information and organize it into functional writing assignments
  • Edit own work fully for coherence and accuracy
  • Monitor spelling, grammar, mechanics and syntax using appropriate techniques and resources as required, including electronically
  • Write effectively, adjusting for audience, purpose and situation to inform, persuade, and interact in formal and informal situations
  • Organize information and ideas to clarify thinking and achieve desired effect
Computer Literacy:
  • Use technology to support and enhance writing skills and organize information.
Grading System: Letters

Passing Grade: D (50%)

Grading Weight:
  • Final Exam: 20 %
  • Assignments: 35 %
  • Portfolio: 40 %
  • Project: 5 %
Number of Assignments: 17

Writing Assignments:
  • 8 portfolios (one for each chapter)
  • 8 reading comprehension assignments (1 for each chapter
  • 1 project (mock-interview).
Percentage of Individual Work: 100

Course Offered in Other Programs: No

Additional Comments:
  • English 052 will follow the Ministry of Advanced Education articulated learning outcomes in five areas. Learners will work through the text "A Thousand Words: Grammar and Writing in Context" to meet these learning outcomes.
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