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Dawson Creek Bookstore Merchandise and Apparel

Welcome! Our Merchandise page will be updated in Summer of 2014 with our new products.

 For inquires, please contact the Dawson Creek Bookstore. Thank you.


Personalized NLC Program Hoodies:

We are now taking orders for personalized NLC pullover hoodies. This is a great little sale where your

order along with everyone else and we send out for it in bulk. Becasue we do this, you only pay $45 

(that's tax included) for a single hoodie! What a great deal! Orders are dues Friday, October 24, 2014.


To order, fill out the order form at the link below. Attached it to an email and send it bookstore-dc@nlc.bc.ca

To pay, phone in your Visa or Mastercard number or send a cheque to us with "ATTN: BOOKSTORE".

For any questions or inquires feel free to contact us anytime!

Personalized NLC Hoodie Order Form 



NLC Portable Device Chargers:

These items are a hot gift item this year!! We have an awesome assortment of colors and at only $16.95 they are extremely affordable!

How does it work? Just charge it up using the Micro SD port (like you would any other device). Once it's charged, throw it into your purse, 

backpack or car. If your cellphone, Ipod or other device starts dying, just plug in the attached USB cord into the charger and then the 

corresponding attachment to your device. Voila: It charges it on the go, no wall plug required!! 



NLC Assorted Pullover and Zip Up Hoodies:


We have a great assortment of pullover and zip up hoodies in stock at the moment, including our newest items below. And you know what? They are super affordable, priced at $39.95 or $44.95! If your not local, feel free to phone us at 250-784-7603 or email us at bookstore-dc@nlc.bc.ca. We can ship!




Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Personal Log Books:


Published by Aviation World. These are now available from the Dawson Creek Campus Bookstore for $24.95 + tax. 

Orders within BC and Alberta are charged a standard $9.95 shipping fee. To order email bookstore-dc@nlc.bc.ca or 

phone 250-784-7603, via Mastercard or Visa. 


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