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Financial Assistance

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Financial Aid Officers

Financial Aid Officers are available at each campus to help students access funding that may be available to them. For more information, visit Student Services at your campus:

Debbie Mingo
Financial Aid Officer Dawson Creek Campus
Telephone: 250-784-7604
Email: dmingo@nlc.bc.ca

Kayla MacDonald
Financial Aid Officer Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge Campuses
Telephone: 250-788-2248
Email: kmacdonald@nlc.bc.ca

Michelle Harden Willis
Financial Aid Officer, Fort St. John Campus
Telephone: 250-785-6981ext. 6238

Government Financial Assistance There are numerous sources of government-sponsored financial assistance for students in post-secondary education. These programs are frequently revised and students should check with Student Services at the College for the most current information. Further, students are advised to seek the assistance of Student Services staff in determining which financial assistance program would best fit their financial need.

Student Loan Programs

  1. British Columbia Student Assistance Program (BCSAP)
  2. Canada Student Loans Program (part of BCSAP)

The best way for a student to become informed about financial assistance available through these programs is to:

  • access the following website: https://studentaidbc.ca/. You will receive your money faster if you apply online. Computers are available on each campus, however a e-mail address is required for applying online.
  • schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Officer or Student Services on your campus.

Other Provincially Funded Programs

Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program - (ABESAP)

This program provides funding assistance for direct educational costs (such as books and supplies) and, in some cases, transportation costs, to students enrolled in:

  • Academic Upgrading (when not repeating courses for better grades)
  • Pre-Vocational
  • English language training
  • Adult Special Education

Student Society Emergency Aid Fund

This fund helps students in financial crisis who, without help, would be forced to postpone their studies. The Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and technology provides matching funds for money raised by the Northern Lights College Students’ Association.

Part-time Student Assistance Program

Funds for direct educational costs are available for high-need part-time students through the Part-time Student Assistance Program. The application form, and information pertaining to each award, is available on the Province of British Columbia website. (https://studentaidbc.ca/)

1. Canada student grant for students with permanent disabilities
If you have a permanent disability that affects your ability to attend school, you may qualify for a grant of $2,000 per program year, whether you study full-time or part-time.

2. Supplemental bursary for students with disabilities
If you are a BC resident, you may qualify for the Supplemental Bursary for Students with Disabilities of $400 if you study between 20-39 per cent of a full-time course load or $800 if you study 40 per cent or more.

3. Canada student grant for part-time students
If your family income falls below the amount for your family size, you may qualify for the Grant for Part-time Students of up to $1,200 per program year.

4. Canada student grant for part-time students with dependants
You may qualify for this program if you are considered “Low Income” (as defined on the application form) AND you have dependants that are either 11 years old or younger or are older than 11 and have been claimed as dependants on your income tax (with a CRA approved permanent disability),
and IF:

• Your financial need in this program year exceeds $1,200 of Grant for Part-time Students – and –
• You have at least $4000 in outstanding principal for Part-time Student Loan (based on previous applications plus the amount of loan assessed for this current application).

5. Canada student loan for part-time students
If your family income falls below those shown for Middle Income (as defined on the application form), you may receive up to $10,000 in Canada Student Loan for Part-time Students. The maximum outstanding principal for Loan for Part-time Students cannot exceed $10,000. As of August 2009, interest payments are no longer required while in-study.

Assistance Program for Students with Permanent Disabilities

This program is directed to students with permanent disabilities who require services and equipment to attend a post-secondary institution.

For further information: As well as consulting Student Services personnel at the College, students can receive more detailed information on the British Columbia Student Assistance Program



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