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Winning Strategies

  • When reading, prepare your mind for the subject. Think about what you are reading, be interested in it, and intend to remember what you read.
  • Prepare for your class by being familiar with the material to be covered, complete assigned readings before class begins, review your notes from last class, and accept the instructor’s style and delivery.
  • Be an active listener. Be prepared to answer every question and anticipate what will be said next by the instructor.
  • Be an active participant in class. Ask questions, give answers, and participate in class discussions.
  • Be interested in the topics and issues you are studying in class. Watch T.V. programs, read articles, and discuss with classmates and friends course content outside of the classroom.
  • Attend classes regularly. To get the most from your class, sit in the front third seats.
  • Attend seminars and workshops on study skills offered by student services. These are very informative in such areas as ways to improve your memory, how to study more effectively, and how to take notes and write exams.
  • Prepare for exams and quizzes as you go. Do not attempt to learn the whole course by cramming.
  • Take useful and appropriate notes in class.
    • Take notes in point form and be as brief and concise as possible.
    • Use your own words to summarize what the speaker has said and develop your own consistent style of shorthand.
    • Record all diagrams, charts, and tables. 
    • Listen for verbal cues such as "three important points are. . ." or "so in summary. . ."
    • Review your notes as soon as possible; if necessary, fill in blanks and highlight information which you feel is important.
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