Education Council Subcommittees

Northern Light’s College has joined the tradition of other institutions in setting up Policy and Curriculum Subcommittees to assist Education Council in its mandate.

The subcommittees are constituted similarly to Education Council in their representativeness and breadth of knowledge.
Students, staff, faculty, and administration provide their time to advise on new and revised educational policy and curriculum, and then report to the Education Council their recommendations. At the subcommittee level there is a less formal opportunity for discussion leading to revisions which ultimately enhance the educational quality of policy and curriculum. The Terms of Reference outline in more detail these principles and procedures. Thank you for your interest in Education Council’s Subcommittees.

Admissions and Standards Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the Education Council that is responsible for initiating review of college-wide policies and language relating to institutional admission. 
Chair: Paola Rodriguez 
Terms of Reference for the Admissions and Standards Subcommittee

Curriculum Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the Education Council that ensures curriculum development and review are consistent with approved processes and undertaken in full compliance with educational policies. 
Chair: Rob-Roy Douglas
Terms of Reference for the Curriculum Subcommittee

Educational Policies Subcommittee

Mandated under the College and Institute Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, Section 24, subsection 2, and on behalf of and as guided by Education Council, the Committee will review current educational policies and recommend revisions, and/or develop new policies as requested in consultation with appropriate members from the breadth of the College. 
Chair: -vacant-
Terms of Reference for the Educational Policies Subcommittee