First Aid and First Aid Procedure/Policy

The Policy Statement

Risk assessments have shown that the possibility of injury in the traditional classroom environment is minimal. Northern Lights College however conducts a vast number of trades and industry type courses where the risk is no different than that of typical heavy industry. The need for the presence of personnel trained in first aid, first aid equipment, procedures for transport and summoning BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) must be in place. Northern Lights College will maintain first aid coverage and appropriate equipment that is acceptable to WorkSafeBC according to the number of activity participants and the level of risk for the activities taking place at the various College locations.

The Procedures
General College Community (students and workers):
In the event of an injury to a student or employee the following procedure is to be followed:

  • Ensure scene safety, evacuate the scene moving casualties if necessary
  • Care for the injured, as much as possible within your scope of skill
  • Send a bystander or, if alone, go to the nearest telephone and call the EMERGENCY NUMBER for your Campus. * Note: If no answer at this number, please call 911 and ask for ambulance service. If calling 911, remain calm and follow the directions of the operator.
  • Remain with the patient until trained help arrives
  • Provide any required assistance as may be requested by attending personnel

Occupational First Aid Attendant:

  • Ensure the scene is safe for all present
  • Evacuate all unecessary persons if possible
  • Treat the patient, as required
  • Authorize bystander to call for transportation (ambulance or taxi)
  • Collect names of witnesses
  • Complete necessary reports as required by WorkSafeBC and/or NLC
  • Forward necessary documentation to HSEA 

Security/Facilities Personnel:

  • Secure the scene
  • Provide any assistance as required by Occupational First Aid Attendant
  • Call for transportation as requested by Occupational First Aid Attendant (ambulance, NLC vehicle or taxi)

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