First Aid & First Aid Procedure Policy

First Aid Attendant (OFAA) Qualifications:

Northern Lights College will only accept certification that is acceptable to the board. Proof of certification must be presented to the HR Dept prior to beginning work as an OFAA. The HR Dept. will make a photocopy of the certification to be kept with the employee file and record. Photocopies are not acceptable proof of certification. Any questions regarding acceptable certification must be forwarded to the HSEA.

First Aid Procedures:

If a student, instructor, contractor or staff member (patient) is injured while at Northern Lights College they should see the first aid attendant (OFAA) on duty for first aid care. The OFAA shall provide care for the patient as outlined by the WorkSafeBC Occupation First Aid Reference and Training Manual. Any care or treatment required by the patient that falls outside the attendant’s level of training shall be referred to medical aid. The patient has the right to refuse any assessments, care or recommendations of the OFAA. This refusal will be documented and must be read and signed by the refusing patient. In the event the patient refuses to sign the document the OFAA will notify the HSEA and forward documentation of the incident complete any applicable documentation to the HSEA.

First Aid Equipment:

The attendant shall use whatever equipment he or she deems necessary to provide care to a patient while in the employ of Northern Lights College. The OFAA will be responsible for ensuring the first aid equipment is clean and in good working order. The OFAA is not responsible for replacing broken or depleted supplies; the OFAA must request purchase or replacement according to local campus procedures. All instructors working for Northern Lights College will be oriented as to the location of supplies, phones, call information and the procedure for summoning first aid.

-- Created June 2007 | Revised August 2008 | Review Date August 2009 -----