First Aid & First Aid Procedure Policy

First Aid Reports

Upon the disposition of an injured casualty a first aid attendant must complete the first aid record. The first aid attendant must also complete the necessary documentation for submission to the Campus Administrator.

The first aid record must not be photocopied unless requested by WorkSafeBC, the injured worker or the HSEA. It is confidential material and must remain in a locked drawer in the first aid room.

Once the first aid record is filled out the following information must be transferred to the Incident Report for the Campus Administrator:

  • Date, time and the location of where the incident occured
  • Worker's Name and department, if the injured person is a student the instructor and course they were attending must benoted.
  • A brief desription of the mechanism of injury. The worker's injuries or the treatment the worker received should not be mentioned.
  • If the worker has been sent to medical aid or if they returned back to work or class.

The first aid attendant will also fill out sections 5 to 24 (Incident Information) on the Form 7 and forward the form to the Campus Administrator or the Campus Administrator's delegate for completion. The completed form will be faxed to Regional Administration. The original copy of the form will be sent to Regional Administration to be added to the injured worker's file.