First Aid

All first aid forms are privileged information and worker's privacy must be respected. Copies of the forms must only be made on request of the worker involved, the Health, Safety & Environment Advisor (HSEA) or WorkSafeBC.

First Aid Record - Must be completed every time a first aid attendant sees a worker for an injury or illness that has occurred at or during work. This form can be filled out electronically then printed. It has to be retained for 3 years from the date of patient disposition. This means that if a worker has to make return visits to first aid the original form has to be retained in the records until 3 years from the time of the last visit regarding the original injury.

Patient Assessment Chart - Ideally this form should be in carbon-less copy format and only completed by OFA Level 2 or 3 attendants. A copy is sent with the worker to the next level of care and a copy retained with the first aid record.

Form 6 - This form is completed by the injured worker. It is necessary for every worker to apply for compensation benefits. This form should be completed and mailed or faxed to the numbers provided on the form. If need be the forms can be faxed from the campus at no charge to the injured worker.

Form 6a - This form is filled out by the injured worker and sent to the Health and Safety Adviser. 

Incident or Near Miss Reporting

In the case of an incident, please see Incident Procedures information.

Incident/Near Miss Reporting Form - This is a fillable PDF form. Once it is filled in with the initial incident report the user can click submit by email and the HSEA will get the information entered into the report electronically. Once the investigation is complete the HSEA will enter the completed information into the report and submit to WorkSafeBC and/or retain in College records.

>> Writing good incident reports

Hazard Reporting

Hazard Report Form - Takes steps to eliminate hazard if safe and qualified to do so. Then you should report it immediately to your supervisor. DO NOT wait for an inspection team to come by. In fact, Health and Safety legislation requires employees to report hazards to their supervisor.

New/Young Worker Orientation

Safety Orientation Checklist - This form must be completed for every new worker regardless of full time, part time or temporary status. The completed form must be forwarded to the HR Administrator's office to be attached to the worker's file. If there are any questions regarding the process please call the HSEA office at 1018.