Health & Safety Committees

This Policy section pertains to the following WCA

Part 3 Division 3 Section 125 – 140 Joint Committees and Worker Representatives

This Policy section pertains to the following WSBC OSHR

Part 3 Rights and Responsibilities - Contents of a Health and Safety Program
Section 3.3 Contents of program sub section (g)
Section 3.8 Inspection participation by a committee member

Part 4 Emergency Preparedness and Response
Section 4.14 Emergency Procedures
Section 4.16 Training

The Policy

Northern Lights College is responsible for creating and maintaining an efficient, effective health and safety program. This cannot be achieved without the active participation of the workers from all levels within the organization. To this end Northern Lights College will form and maintain Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSC) at the Dawson Creek Campus and the Fort St. John Campus. The remaining outlying campus will form the Smaller Campus JOHSC. In order to maintain effective communication between the  campuses and ensure the College OHS program is maintained at all levels the College will maintain a Regional JOHSC. The sole purpose of the Regional JOHSC will be stewardship of the College OHS program.

The Committee’s role at the College will include:

  • the promotion safe work practices
  • assistance in creating a safe and healthy workplace
  • recommending actions which will improve the effectiveness of the occupational health and safety program and
  • promoting compliance with WorkSafeBC Regulation.

All Northern Lights College employees are encouraged to bring any safety concerns to their safety committees or individual members.

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