Management Meetings

Policy Statement

Northern Lights College is aware of the need for regular management meetings to discuss health and safety activities and incident trends, and for the determination of necessary courses of action. To ensure compliance with the regulation and continued awareness of health and safety issues at all Northern Lights facilities and locations the Senior Executive Committee is provided all the recent reports and minutes circulated by the JOHS Committees. 


  1. The Manager, Safety and Facilities Services will provide the Senior Executive Committee member tasked with responsibility for health and safety the following informaiton:
    1. The minutes of the most recent Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSC’s) meetings. These documents indicate the activities of the  JOHSCs and any initiatives currently in development at the JOHSC level. 
    2. Any new health and safety program policy drafts that have made the transition from JOHSC approval to be reviewed at the management level
    3. A review of any unusual incidents or occurrences that may have or did affect the health and safety of any worker(s) at the College
    4. Updates of procedural changes or alterations of process as a result of incidents or inspections
    5. Any WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation changes or proposed changes and how they will affect College operations
  2. The Senior Executive committee will assign a member to respond to any issue brought before the local  JOHSCs such as recommendations to the employer. 

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