Confined Space Entry Program


Northern Lights College has several structures and within some of the structures are confined spaces. Confined spaces are defined according to WorkSafeBC:

"confined space", except as otherwise determined by the Board, means an area, other than an underground working, that
(a) is enclosed or partially enclosed,
(b) is not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy,
(c) has limited or restricted means for entry or exit that may complicate the provision of first aid, evacuation, rescue or other emergency response service, and
(d) is large enough and so configured that a worker could enter to perform assigned work;

Policy Statement
To ensure compliance with the regulation and continued awareness of health and safety all Northern Lights facilities and locations will have a site specific confined space entry procedure. All personnel that are required to perform tasks in a confined space must be trained and fully aware of the procedures.

Currently there are no confined spaces on Northern Lights College Properties that have a high or moderate hazard atmosphere. All of the confined spaces on Northern Lights College properties have clean respirable air and do not require auxiliary ventilation or purging prior to entry. However, there is always a risk of contamination by different work processes,  ruptures or leaks of vessels or transmission systems. No Northern Lights College employee or student shall enter a confined space in which a harmful atmosphere exists or may develop until:

  1. tests to determine the nature and quantity of harmful vapours, gases, fumes, mists, dusts and oxygen deficiency have been made and recorded; and
  2. written work procedures have been established to ensure a safe environment for the worker.
  3. Applicable safeguards and/or personal protective equipment are made available for entry.
    These spaces include tanks, vessels, sewers, utility bunkers or other spaces which may allow harmful substances to accumulate in the atmosphere.

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