Hot Work Program

Hot Work Permit Program for Northern Lights College

Pdf file - Hot Work Permit Application

I. Definition
Hot work is any process that can be a source of ignition when flammable material is present or can be a fire hazard regardless of the presence of flammable material in the workplace. Common hot work processes are welding, soldering, cutting and brazing. When flammable materials are present processes such as grinding and drilling become hot work processes. – Wikipedia

II. Objective and Scope
Hot work poses the potential for fire, explosion, injury and the release of toxic fumes. The Hot Work Permit system is a primary means of preventing fires and injury that could result from hot work. In an effort to maintain a safe work place, Northern Lights College has implemented a Hot Work Program. Recognizing the increased potential for fire and explosion hazard brought on by hot work activities, the College has established a program outlining procedures that all individuals must follow when performing jobs involving, hot work processes on all College locations..

III. Roles and Responsibilities

Applicant for Hot Permit- Usually will be, but not limited to, the instructor of the class in session. Other applicants may include other instructors, students, and employees of Northern Lights College or contractors carrying out hot work on Northern Lights College properties.

Fire Watch- Person assigned to monitor the area while hot work is in progress. This person is required to watch over the area where and when hot work is being done, keep the area safe and secure. This person is tasked with observing the hot work area a minimum of 30 minutes after hot work has been completed or has been halted for a period of at least 30 minutes. This person must be trained on the use of a fire extinguisher and will extinguish any fires that break out if it safe to do so and sound alarms if the fire cannot be extinguished or starts to spread.

Hot Works Permit Manager

The Hot Work Permit issuer must be an employee of Northern Lights College, including but not limited to Tool Crib Attendant, Instructor or supervisor. Duties include issuing Hot Work Permits and retaining the original copies of all Hot Work Permits for one year. The Hot Works Permit Manager or designee will also be responsible for inspecting the hot works area to ensure the area is safe and the terms of the Hot Works Permit are met.

It is the responsibility of all parties involved in hot work to ensure a safe and secure environment in which to perform any hot work. Any issues that may cause fire or injury should be brought to the Hot Work Permit Manager, Instructor or Supervisor’s attention.

IV. Procedure

Northern Lights College has developed a Hot Work Permit Program to prevent fires in the work place. All hot work performed on campus by Staff, Students or Contractors requires a Hot Work Permit. The permit will only be valid until the completion of the Hot Work or the end of the shift. A new shift or any break in the work exceeding one hour will require a new Hot Work Permit.
Hot Work Permits will be issued by the Hot Works Permit Manager, or designee, and signed accordingly. After all permit requirements are met, the permit will be approved, signed and posted at the area where the Hot Work is taking place. After completion of the work or the end of the shift, the permit will be returned to the Hot Works Permit Manager for permanent record.

-- Created December 2013 -----