General Standards of Practice for Lockout


Students and instructors will often continue studies at other campuses or facilties while attending or participating in Northern Lights College programs. To ensure College wide standards each Campus and Norhtern Lights College facility will adhere to the following standards.

Lock Out Applies if:

Machinery or equipment is in use for normal production work, and a work activity creates a risk of injury to workers from the movement of the machinery or equipment. Also if there is exposure to an energy source, and the machinery or equipment is not effectively safeguarded to protect the workers from the risk.

Machinery or equipment is shut down for maintenance, no work may be done until:

  1. All parts and attachments have been secured against inadvertent movement,
  2. Where the work will expose workers to energy sources, the hazard has been effectively controlled, and
  3. The energy isolating devices have been locked out as required.

Clearing a jam-up exposes a worker to energized equipment, or if using a tool becomes a hazard when exposed to energized equipment.

A lockout cannot be performed when there is a power disruption, as proper lockout cannot be verified without power.

  1. Lockout procedures apply to all students, employees, contractors and visitors
  2. Serious injury or death may result if the lockout procedures are not followed in every detail. Failure to follow the lockout procedure is grounds for disciplinary action. It is everyone’s responsibility to understand and observe these procedures at all times.
  3. Only locks and keys supplied by Northern Lights College will be used.
  4. Each worker will be issued with a unique keyed set of locks by their supervisor.
    1. Workers will NEVER borrow or lend out locks
    2. Workers will always have control of their key(s) at all times
    3. Personal Locks must not be used on lockers, toolboxes, etc.
    4. Workers will NEVER work under another person’s lock
    5. Workers are required to report to work or class with their personal locks.
  5. Every worker is responsible to place and to remove a lock when working on a piece of equipment. Workers will NEVER remove their locks from a faulty piece of equipment unless the worker coming on shift has applied their personal locks
  6. No person shall place or remove another person’s lock.
  7. No person shall use or tamper with another individual’s personal lock.
  8. Lock Out safety locks must be used when working on any equipment or electrical apparatus having the potential to start up, energize, move, or injure a worker.
  9. Do not place a lock in the last hole of a scissor clamp, put another scissor clamp through the hole and lock it. Make sure the clamp is closed properly and the lock goes through both holes of the clamp. Do not use the end loops of scissor clamps.
  10. If there are any issues with personal locks, e.g. lost, stolen, repairs required, need extra, etc. the worker must contact their Supervisor or the lockset issuer.
  11. Locks are the property of Northern Lights College and must be returned upon completion of project, completion of study or class session or termination or employment.


All Northern Lights College locks and locksets will adhere to the following conventions. No deviation will be permitted. Any devices, equipment or machinery secured with an unfamiliar lock will be locked out with a supervisor or HSEA lock until it is deemed functional.

Classroom - Student – BLACK
Classroom - Instructor– BLUE
Facilities/Contractor - YELLOW
Electrical Contractor- RED

Each lock must be stamped with an alpha-numeric ID. The ID should be campus specific. An example of lock labelling for Fort St. John would be, FSJ-001A, FSJ-001B etc...All locks must be controlled and recorded by the issuer. A record of the lock issue must be kept and is only to be accessed by the lock issuer, the HSEA, department Dean or Campus Administrator.