Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All persons deemed to be workers under the Workers' Compensation Act and students participating in activities where there is a potential for risk will be required to wear and use PPE when and where required by the WorkSafeBC OHSR while at Northern Lights College or a College operation.

For persons employed by Northern Lights College, the College will:

  1. Provide the appropriate or applicable engineering and administration controls require to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury or illness to a worker performing job related tasks.
  2. Supply PPE and/or cost recovery of PPE according to collective agreements.
  3. Replace broken, worn or non functional PPE according to collective agreements
  4. Provide education and training for PPE as required by the OSHR
  5. Provide supervision necessary according to the OSHR.

All workers and applicable students shall:

  1. Wear or use the appropriate PPE for the risk and task. Workers will not partake in a task or enter a work area without required PPE according to the OSHR.
  2. Ensure the PPE is in good repair and working order
  3. Advise immediate supervisor if PPE requires repair or replacement.
  4. Advise supervision if PPE is not an effective means of reducing risk.

To this end some areas at Northern Lights College require certain PPE to be worn or utilized at all times. These areas have signage prominently displayed and all students, faculty, employees and contractors are expected to adhere to the posted signage and site specific PPE requirements. If there is any uncertainty as to the requirements the appropriate supervisor, instructor, program chair or the Dean should be consulted.

If any doubt or uncertainty persists please contact the Manager, Safety and Facilities Service.

-- Created June 2007 | Revised June 2008, 2013 | Review Date June 2014 -----