Violence in the Workplace


Prevention and Avoidance Policy/Procedures 

This policy statement and related set of procedures is associated with the Student Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy 

Interaction with public (non-students) and 1.02 Student-Instructor Interaction:

The Risk 
Although minimal within the classroom environment, violence has erupted in the past at many different levels at almost every college in the province. Northern Lights College, like any other public sector institution, has a risk of its workers being exposed to violence by persons other than another worker. Northern Lights College provides a learning environment to students from diverse backgrounds and some campuses are populated by students 24 hours a day. 

The Scope 
This policy governs all person employed by Northern Lights College and all students, all of whom are considered “workers” under the Workers Compensation Act (WCA) as defined in Part 1 of the WCA. 

The Policy 
Northern Lights College is committed to a healthy, safe work environment and wishes to minimize the possibility of any occurrence of violence within the college. Therefore, the College Administration maintains a zero tolerance policy for violence and will not tolerate any incidents of violence or threats of violence to any of its workers or students or other members of the College Community. To this end procedures are created for members of the College Community to minimize their risk of encountering violence while carrying out their role within the College. 

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