Applicable Procedures and Guidelines

All supervisors are tasked with determining which of their workers may be at risk of encountering violence while undertaking their duties at the College. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to create procedures for their subordinates to follow so that their risk of exposure to violence is eliminated or at the minimum reduced. Below are some guidelines to consider when creating these procedures.

  • Consider the hours of work and if they can be adjusted to eliminate any risk
  • What is the process of summoning assistance (see Working Alone) and how effective it is
  • Consider creating a barrier between the worker and the public if needed
  • Consider another process to eliminate the need for interaction
  • Instructions for reporting incidents and near miss type encounters

All persons under the scope of this policy shall adhere to the following requirements while in the employ of, or attending Northern Lights College:

  • No member of the general public should be permitted to remain on NLC property if he/she is behaving in a threatening or violent manner to a NLC worker or student. The person should be asked to leave, if the person refuses, the RCMP must be summoned immediately.
  • If a worker is concerned for his or her well being and does not want to ask a member of the general public to exit the facility because of perceived danger, the worker must evacuate the immediate area and summon the RCMP immediately.
  • When communicating with the person causing the problem the worker should attempt to remain calm and not react to any threats or intimidation in an aggressive manner. If necessary the employee must evacuate to a safe area and summon the RCMP.
  • To preserve safety, it may be necessary to acquiesce to the problem person’s demands if the demands are for money or goods. Nothing is worth any possibility of harm or worse.
  • Documentation of the incident will be completed as soon as possible and submitted to the appropriate Supervisor, the HR Manager and the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services. 

Student Interaction

  • No student will be allowed to remain in the classroom if he/she is behaving contradictory to the Classroom Code of Conduct. The student should be asked to leave the classroom the moment the behavior arises. This procedure supersedes the current “Student Code of Conduct” found in the student handbook.
  • If a problem student refuses to leave, the instructor will evacuate the classroom, advise the administration staff, and call the RCMP or arrange for someone to contact the RCMP. If necessary the building will be evacuated while awaiting police.
  • When communicating with a person causing a disturbance, all College workers will attempt to remain calm and will not react to any threats or intimidation in an aggressive manner. If at all possible workers will not attempt dialogue with an aggressive student other than for the purpose of exiting the classroom.

When interacting alone with students the instructor/invigilator/examiner should:

  • The instructor/examiner will always leave an escape route. If at all possible the use of a conference or meeting room should be considered instead of a small crowded office.
  • Provide test or certification results for unsuccessful students first. The instructor should leave a door open and keep other college workers or students nearby.
  • If applicable, keep the desk or table clear of any objects that have the potential of being used as a weapon (pens, pencils, scissors, etc...). If possible try to keep a desk or table between the instructor/evaluator and the student.
  • To preserve safety it may be necessary to acquiesce to the student’s demands and agree to certification/credentials. If possible inform him/her that his/her certificate/credentials will be mailed to him/her. If this does not satisfy the student then agree to certification. The matter can be dealt with later with the assistance of the RCMP/WorkSafeBC and/or legal routes.

Documentation of the incident will be completed as soon as possible and submitted to the appropriate Supervisor and the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services.

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