Classroom Conduct

This Code of Conduct will also apply to any student enrolled in a virtual classroom course or web based learning module.

At Northern Lights College we adhere to the belief that the classroom is a special environment in which students and instructors come together to promote learning and growth. It is essential to this learning environment that respect for the rights of others seeking to learn, respect for the professionalism of the instructor, and the general goals of academic freedom are maintained.

Harassment or violence of any type, theft, discrimination and racism will not be tolerated. The Illegal use, possession, or distribution of any controlled substance, illegal drug or alcohol will not be permitted. Horseplay will not be tolerated as it may result in injury to self or others.

Instructors have a responsibility in the classroom to respect student diversity and diversity of viewpoint, but they also have the primary responsibility to maintain the decorum and integrity of the learning environment. All instructors will ensure the ideal classroom environment will be maintained.

Students have a responsibility to respect the learning environment and the integrity of others in the classroom setting. Northern Lights College requires that all students respect the rights of others within the classroom setting.

Student conduct which disrupts the learning process shall not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action and/or removal from class and all Northern Lights College properties.