Roles and Responsibilities


1.    NLC Instructors will make students aware of the Student Code of Conduct and the Classroom Code of Conduct as part of the course/class introduction.

2.    The college requires its workers to be vigilant of their surroundings and to be aware of any change to their environment that might put them at risk.

3.    Any significant changes to the work environment should be reported to the supervisor.

4.    With the exception of security staff, no person governed by this policy shall engage aggressive students or members of the public for any reason other than to ask them to leave.

5.    Workers will report any incidents of violence, threat of violence, or perceived threats of violence to their supervisor.

6.    Workers will summon appropriate emergency services (RCMP) in the event of a threat or the perception of an imminent threat.


*Note* For the purpose of this section of the OH&S Program, supervisor means a person who instructs, directs and controls workers in the performance of their duties.

1.    Are responsible for identifying all subordinates that are at risk of encountering violence while performing their duties for the College.

2.    Will establish (with the assistance of the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services if necessary) procedures for these workers to follow so that the risk of encountering violence is eliminated or minimized.

3.    Shall record any incidents of violence towards a worker and forward this information to the Human Resources (HR) Manager and the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services.

4.    Provide assistance to the affected person(s) in obtaining any Critical Incident Stress/Grief counseling necessary.

5.    Assist the RCMP and/or WorkSafeBC with any investigations that may occur as a result of the incident.

6.    Work in consultation with the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services in the development of future policies and procedures for the purpose of prevention.


1.    Will assist the supervisor in creating, reviewing and adjusting procedures for eliminating or reducing the risk of workers encountering violence as required.

2.    Will assist the supervisor in creating, reviewing and adjusting procedures for instructors to deal with problem students as required.

3.    Will retain incident reports for a period of two years.

4.    Will inform the appropriate campus Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) of incidents and observations concerning the Violence in the Workplace – Prevention and Avoidance Policy and provide copies to the Regional Health and Safety Committee. Along with the campus JOHSC, will annually review the Policy and established procedures for dealing with problem students and take into consideration any suggestions provided by the JOHSC for improvement of the existing policy.

5.    Will work with the supervisor to investigate incidents and review the effectiveness of the procedures concerning violence avoidance.


1.    Ensure that Northern Lights College maintains an effective system for dealing with violent incidents.

2.    Take remedial actions as necessary to sustain the system and procedures for incidents of violence.

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