Working Alone

Working Alone

Working Alone or in Isolation

Policy Statement and Scope 

The definition of working alone according to WorkSafeBC is that working alone or in isolation means to work in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the worker 
(a) in case of an emergency, or 
(b) in case the worker is injured or in ill health. 

Northern Lights College establishes normal working hours at all of its campuses and does recognize that there are situations where workers must work alone or in isolation. The following situations will be considered an isolated environment or instances of “working alone”:

  • Any worker assigned, required or choosing to work alone beyond or in advance of the normal hours of work.
  • Any worker assigned to work alone in a remote location during normal hours of work.
  • Any worker assigned to a high risk task whereby they may be in unable to contact others for help should they become imperilled.
  • Any worker required to travel

Any worker falling under the above mentioned categories will be informed by his/her supervisor of the procedures established by Northern Lights College for an employee working alone or in isolation. 

The procedures and system for checking a worker’s wellbeing will be reviewed annually by worker’s supervisor or supervisor’s designate with assistance as required by the Manager, Safety and Facilities Services. Any deficiencies must be reported to the local joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC). These procedures may be reviewed more frequently if there is a change in the work circumstances which could affect the worker’s wellbeing; ability to summon assistance or the system is not working effectively. 

-- Created June 2007 |  Review Date August 2013| 2nd Revision August 2013 --