Fort St. John Campus

The definition of working alone according to WorkSafe BC is that working alone or in isolation means to work in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the worker:

  1. in case of an emergency, or
  2. in case the worker is injured or in ill health.
    1. After hours or on weekends, employees must sign in and provide a contact number on the sheet located at the back entrance of the college.
    2. Security personnel will contact employees who have not signed out by the end of the security shift.
    3. Security will conduct a visual inspection, implement emergency procedures if necessary and contact the supervisor of the employee.
    4. During scheduled working hours employees are required to contact the switchboard operator at regular agreed upon intervals if they are working alone, in isolation or in a high risk situation:
      1. If accessing a confined space, the employee must notify the switchboard operator verbally and with an email as to where the access will be and the expected duration. Notification of task completion must be sent to the switchboard operator.
      2. If the employee will be accessing the roof, the same procedure must be used as in Section i.
      3. The switchboard operator will make only two attempts to contact in the event of no check in at required intervals. The attempts will be five minutes apart. Failure to register verbal contact will result in the emergency response system being activated.
    5. Documentation in the form of a log book will be retained at the main switchboard desk. The log book will contain:
      1. Employee name or person working alone
      2. Check-in and out time
      3. Contact (cell number)
      4. Any unusual occurrences such as failure to check out, non-contact or repeated attempts to contact
      5. Name and signature of person providing the contact for check-in

--- Created August 2009| Revised Septemenber 2009 | Review Date September 2010 ----