Worksite Inspections

This Policy section pertains to the following OHS Regulation:

Part 3 Workplace Inspections
Section 3.5 General requirement
Section 3.6 Inspection of tools and equipment
Section 3.5 Special Inspections
Section 3.6 Participation of the committee or representative


Campus or site wide inspections are to take place at a minimum of once a month. An inspection for hazards and work conditions is to be performed at the initiation of any new work location. Additional inspections may occur when there has been an incident or a new process implemented. Where practicable a supervisor (administrator or designate), worker and the HSEA shall perform the inspection. Inspections are not to be limited to physical campus only but shall include people and process.


  1. Workplace inspections will be conducted on a monthly basis by the applicable personnel.
  2. If it is not practical to inspect the entire workplace or campus once per month, due to the size, weather constraints, travel limitations or complexity of the workplace then a monthly inspection of, at least part of the workplace shall be conducted, in such a manner that the entire workplace will be inspected within a two month (consecutive) span.
  3. Inspections are to be conducted prior to the regularly scheduled campus Joint H&S meeting or monthly staff meeting, preferably one week in advance. This allows for any observations and recommendation identified in the inspection report to be discussed by the entire workforce.
  4. A tentative schedule for workplace inspections should be developed and posted by the Safety Committee at the beginning of each year.
  5. The Inspection team shall record recommendations and assign responsibility for corrective actions.
  6. Copies of the Workplace Inspection will be:
    1. Made available to the applicable Joint H&S Committee
    2. Discussed at the next safety meeting.
    3. Copied to the campus administrator and applicable facilities manager.
  7. The campus administrator (or designate) is responsible for reviewing the Workplace Inspection Report and ensuring the corrective actions for each deficiency are being implemented.
  8. The Workplace Inspection Report shall be completed by the campus administrator (or designate within one week and shall contain the following information:
    1. The action taken or planned to be taken
    2. The approximate completion date
    3. The person responsible for implementing the action
  9. Subsequent workplace inspections will review the items from previous inspections to ensure the remedial actions resolved the concern.

This procedure outlines the proper process for the workplace inspections/audits to be conducted by the workforce in compliance with the minimum requirements of the OH&S Regulation.
Nothing in this procedure prevents Managers/Supervisors/ from conducting regular safety related workplace inspections of workplaces under their auspices to ensure continuous application of workplace safety controls or to seek improvements to NLC’s OH&S Program.

-- Created June 2007 | Revised June 2008 | Review Date June 2009 -----